Welcome to the way. Please leave your toupee at the door.

Marilyn - 12/26/00 10:55:20
My Email:Melpomene2@webtv.net


Kermit The Frog - 11/29/00 23:43:30

I have not decided to vote for James T. Kirk or JR Ewing yet.

Victoria Peggs - 10/09/00 04:12:32
My Email:FLOWERGARDENS@Prodigy.net

Very interesting web page!

PCSmith - 10/09/00 03:22:02

Bill will be the best thing the country has ever seen.

P. D. Hall - 09/21/00 20:43:49

I'll be voting for The Shat for President of the USA and I'm British.

Rufie - 09/17/00 22:31:47
My Email:Rufie710@rcn.com

I have been waiting for this for a long long time.

Kev57 - 09/13/00 15:32:55
My Email:kev57@usa.net

Bill can not run, he is a Candian. I have nothing against Canucks, but our constitution does. Sorry Bill, I'll have to vote for Browne.

John Wilson - 08/25/00 20:59:59
My Email:zedthedestroyer@hotmail.com

The obvious choice really....

A concerned citizen - 07/30/00 02:25:56
My Email:mcross@is.dal.ca

The conspiracy is real! They have tried to hide the fact that a southern branch of the Satanic-Canadian-Shatnerite assault on all things holy has been established! Beware you hogs, they are among you!

Holly K. Anderson - 07/07/00 18:05:30
My Email:hollykat@email.com

Bill in 2000 all the way! I'll be sure to write him in.

R Erickson - 06/01/00 21:43:55
My Email:ericksor@swbell.net

I'm voting for Bill. Name! Your! Own! Price! Klingon bastard killed my son!

Ben Adams - 05/17/00 17:33:51
My Email:bja1980@hotmail.com

I support Bill Shatner for President... He is the LOGICAL CHOICE, DAMMIT!

mob - 05/11/00 01:48:54

William Tiberius Shatner is the man to turn America around! And in the spirit of racial equality, why not Uhura for Vice President. After their famous on-air kiss, maybe the President will be able to get sexual gratification without resorting to interns.< r>
Captain MEEF - 05/10/00 04:07:16

air..... force..... one? take her out....

Antboy - 05/05/00 00:03:21
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/mi/antboy
My Email:antboy33@yahoo.com

Shatner has my vote!! Ron Jeremy needs to be Vice Pres. though!!!! "Eat Macaroni and Cheese or youre gonna go to hell!"

Monha - 05/02/00 10:46:30
My Email:www.monha@spray.se.

Go Shatner! Go Shatner! Im swedish but I would like to see that the next president of USA was Kaptain Kirk

breezy - 04/20/00 05:02:33

Good find Berni! ...It was just for one night (lost a bet, honest).

Laura Goodwin - 04/12/00 23:34:55
My URL:http://www.cabo-one.com/lalaura/tos.html
My Email:lalaura@altavista.net

It is *I* who am the one true Bill Shatner as Captain Kirk fan! I too endorse THE ONE TRUE KIRK as President, but only if he agrees to wear the uniform and make everyone call him Captain. He deserves that, and so do they. Captain Kirk is to be born in Iowa, so they should make him an honorary US citizen and post-date it. Shatner could channel the unborn spirit of KIRK, and we should probably get Jane Fonda as Barbarella for VEEP.

Terry Bashline - 04/07/00 03:27:50
My Email:TBASH11148@aol.com

Great Fun. And when is he coming back to the Star Trek movies? They have not been the same without him! Hurry before the original cast is all gone....

Christine Hawthorne - 03/29/00 15:12:19
My Email:cphawthorne@hotmail.com

We have just gotten a 7 month old ESS. Her name is Pallas. She is so sweet. I am keeping her for my son until he graduates from college in May. I am afraid, by then, he will have to fight me for her!

Rillian - 03/29/00 14:28:00
My Email:rillian118@yahoo.com

Shatner Rocks!

Dave T in CT - 03/13/00 12:11:09
My Email:rushfn1@aol.com

He'll get my vote if he stops it with those phone commercials. They do make me laugh though. I think he ought to do an unplugged show on eMpTV... Hail to GALACTIC COWBOYS & KING'S X!!!

phill - 02/29/00 23:41:30
My Email:pcovill@hotmail.com

Dudes, very cooooool. Rush 2112

Concerned Citizen - 01/30/00 20:56:37
My Email:lscratch@is2.dal.ca

You know... It's about time someone took this whole process seriously. I'm tired of the American Way being mocked by some weird yahoo back-bacon eating Canadian hosers who don't have the smarts to realize that YOU CAN'T VOTE FOR THIS GUY!!!!! Even if y u could, who would want him. Even Clinton could kick his butt. He'd bore everyone with his annoying way of speaking. Now, if you are really looking for an alternative to the established and wonderfully-American political system, why not look into start ng a Regis Philbin page? The guy is smart, and knows how to get people's attention. And yes, that is my final answer.

Breaker one nine - 01/15/00 14:50:56

It!...Is!...About!...Time! Finally!...Leaders!...We!...Can!...Believe!...In! Bill!...&!...Bill! For!...The!...New!...Millennium!! Maybe!...We!...Can!...Even!...Inspire!...A!...Fifty!...Percent!...Voter!...Turnout!!!

The Sparkly Chick - 01/12/00 01:51:19

From this day hence I offer up my services, dopey acts of adoration, and yearly human sacrifice for a good yam crop to the poofy-haired one. Picardologists will tremble, and all those who ever utter the phrase "James T. who?" will be fed to the rabid pood es or shot into space or whatever. For the campaign I pledge my weekly allowance, my dark army of bloodthirsty chinchillas, and my cherry-flavored chapstick, if that will help. All Hail Lord Shatner!!!

- 12/13/99 01:13:42


Randy Jones - 12/11/99 09:21:42
My Email:Emperor_Randolph@yahoo.com

I love this idea!!!!! Can I help??? Since my lifelong ambition is to take over Saskatchewan and rename it The Empire of Randolphia (which will be a strict fascist dictatorship and will have a standing army of troopers with pink fuzzy bunnyslippers) this is right up my alley!!!

Paul - 11/21/99 18:23:49
My Email:deniseandpaul@clara.net

If Bill Shatner wins the presidency, will that mean that all Commonwealth citizens will get a vote?

Shirley Tillotson - 11/09/99 20:52:30
My Email:stillots@is.dal.ca

There's more info in this website than in all the political literature I got in the last provincial election! The Shatner Way is clearly the way for the well-informed voter.

Blue - 10/23/99 12:55:24
My Email:dundesh@hotmail.com

go shatner go!

Mistersauga shatner - 10/21/99 21:49:09
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/stomp1y/shatner.html
My Email:stompy@chaseclub.com

Bow down oh supplicants before the almighty presence of the One True Shatner. Shed your wigs and rejoice in the glory of he that is most Canadian. we're not worthy! we're not worthy!

- 10/16/99 23:55:02


Alby - 10/15/99 16:13:30
My URL:Don't you know it?
My Email:AlbyReid@bigfoot.com

I remember you...!

deb... or whatever - 10/15/99 15:32:51
My Email:deb_morley@egroups.com

Woo hoo! This is wonderful! I've got Jesse Ventura for a Governor. Bygawd, what I need is Bill Shatner for President. deb...

Bev - 10/14/99 18:55:05
My Email:BelleSoCal@aol.com

Can he wear different rugs for different state occasions? Like a poodle cut for the French PM, and a shaggy dog-look for the Third World? Nifty idea, y'all.

Juls - 10/14/99 14:15:21

How could I have existed without his Shatnership for so long? I must make amends for all my years spent in darkness...let Bill! Shatner! Be! President! PS - I insist that Leonard Nimoy stop doing those bloody ads in England and stand for Vice President immediately!

confused voter - 10/14/99 03:30:12


Renee "McCoy" Lafferty - 10/14/99 02:55:59
My Email:r.lafferty@nf.sympatico.ca


- 10/14/99 02:37:08


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