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THE ISLAM TRUTH  * حقيقة الإسـلام





   Islam is a way of life. It affects all aspects of life.
  All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of all the Worlds. May He bestow everlasting peace and blessing upon the Messenger, Muhammad, and his household and companions and all those who follow their guidance till the Day of Resurrection.




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 The Islam truth: How many years you think you will live? 100 or 200 or what? …any numbers of years, but after this long age (If it was!), we must die. Nobody can save himself from the death. Nobody can run away from this truth! So, after death… I think we must go to Paradise or Hell. Do you think you will go to Paradise after death? But why? What are you doing now to have a paradise after that? I think we inspired for aim. And this life likes an exam. We have two choices to choose: * Succeed by the Good Way* OR * Sediment by the Bad Way * So, we must hard working to discover the good way and leave the bad way. I think the good way in life must be by the good and the better religion, and that religion must be has not any mistakes … I think it must be Islam … the only truth … no missteps … It is not false … It is the True … you have to know The Islam Truth. And by this website, we will try to help you to know The Islam Truth. However, do not stop searching about this important subject for your life, try to learn by books and asking scholars, and ask Allah to help us all in His guidance.




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