"Come to the beautiful Island, where a peaceful, relaxing vacation awaits! Buy or rent a lovely timeshare on the temperate beaches in the gorgeous New England summertime, then stay 'til autumn to watch the turning of the leaves. The Island welcomes tourists as well as the average mainlander who's looking to get away for a weekend, or maybe a bit longer. You'll find the Island to be a spectacular corner of the world, where everyone wears a warm, welcoming smile. It offers nature in supple abundance, as well as a modern area for your shopping and dining pleasure. Arrive by air or by sea - your time on the Island will be like nothing you've ever experienced before!"

But you know that's not true, right? Good. We wouldn't want you to be under the impression that this place was all puppydogs and candycanes like they make it out to be. No, it's nothing like that. But you've got to get them a little bit of credit. At least they were right about one thing - it is like nothing you've ever experienced before.

There's a portal to other worlds in the graveyard. They come out, but they don't go back in. Nothing does. There have been demons, ghosts, and vampires. No one knows exactly why. It was only about thirty years ago, that weird things began to happen on our Island. Life was just fine before - but then that cult guy started screaming about demons one day. And that was how we knew. At least, some of us did.

Come to The Island. Try your best not to scream... too loud.

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