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This is a Macarena Free Zone

Welcome to the new look Jon Martin page. This site is still under development but my finals grow close, so I have to just put in the bare minimum that I have.

Surviving from my old site is the Femme Fatals page, there are a number of small pictures here (links to larger ones), the rest of the pages for this section will be up after my exams finish when I can do some research.

The Rants Pages have a number of articles that I was hoping to have published at one point and are my outlook on life in textial form.

Stories and Writings have less fact based articles that have come from my head.

The ME Pages have an Online CV and facts about me.

I havenít finished the Music Pages at all, they need a load of updating from my old site so will be up after exams. Just adding a link for The Master Bluesman until I get these pages fully working again

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