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I am a collector of Julip original models horses and one thing I have always wanted to do is build a website with as many different Julip moulds from past and present as possible.This also includes buildings and accessories from buckets to grooms and dovecotes!

Now with the help of friends who have donated photographs of their collections to add to the gallery the website can go online.Without their pictures this site could never be so a huge thank~you to them. Also a big thank~you to Annabel for giving me permission to use the old Julip pricelists and pictures on the site too.

All the information in the various sections unless stated has not come directly from Annabel at Julip but from old lists and information people send us.

Inside the site you will find everything in their own sections and if you would like to view a larger image of a particular photograph simply click on it to take you there. We also have a page to help you look after your original models and also help in finding out when they were made.

I have also included a section for vintage latex model horses which were not made by Julip.These models were made from the 1950s~1970s by various little known companies and well worth a look. Maybe you will find like I did that a 'Julip' in your collection isn't actually a Julip! With most of these companies very little if anything is known about them so any information no matter how small is so very welcome.

We do hope that you enjoy our website and if you have any questions or would like to see your models in the gallery then please contact us on the main index page and we will get back to you.We would love to hear from anyone with any information too on any of the models.
I have to add also! Has anyone got a photograph of a Julip Moorland pony? This is one mould that I have always wanted but not actually seen!  We also have our 'Unknown' models section where we really haven't a clue so any help there would be excellent!

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