Welcome to my site.  There are many parts of my site, including the ANTI-POP Domain, a section about me, and an Our Lady Peace section.  Not all of them are done or even started...I don't have a shitload of time on my hands.  Comments, suggestions, or just looking for someone to piss off?  E-mail me on any of my pages with an e-mail link (like this one for instance).  Or, if you want to give me some HTML that'd be great too! :)  Tootles all!   OUR LADY PEACE FUCKING ROX!
The ANTI-POP Domain
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The End Always Comes Dry:
an Our Lady Peace website

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The Road Goes Ever On...
(under major construction...won't be done for a while)

My Photo Album and Scrapbook
(don't expect this until I get more pictures and stuff...)

(this one will take quite some time...haven't even started it)

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