The Keno Game - How Bets Go

The Keno Game

How bets Go

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The game is consisted of 80 balls in the keno machine, numbered 1 through 80. The keno ticket has 80 boxes on it, marked as the balls 1 through 80. To place a bet you can choose from one to 20 numbers, mark the number you've chosen with an X.

Different casinos play various varitions of the keno game, With different payoff and different wagers. Keno tickets are also come as Keno brounces explaining the bets and their payoff. Inside you will see all this information.

Take for example a game of 10 out of the 80 numbers. The amounts across the top are the amounts you can wager. The numbers to the left is where you look for the number of hits or catches.So if you play a 1$ game , mark 10 numbers and seven of your ten come up, you win $150. If you played the ticket for $5.00 and eight of your numbers came up. To every bet there's a losers range, usually if you play 10 marked spots , having under 5 hits would make your ticket a loser.