The Keno Game

Multiple Keno Bet

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In case you want to keep playing, but you don't want to keep filling out the keno tickets, you can choose to play the same ticket several times. You can even play he same ticket for five straight in a row turns, This is how you do it:

Hand the Keno runner a 5$ for the kicket and go do what you do , you can go shopping for all I care. Once you turn in your ticket you can go rest or whatever. Then you'd have to come back to the lounge where you placed your bets and they will check your ticket to see how much you won over those how many games ....

Multi-race keno allows multiple games to be played on one keno ticket. Most casinos allow anywhere from two to 20 games in a row, but some offer up to 1,000. The keno writer or runner must be told that a multi-race ticket is wanted. At the conclusion of the last game selected, players bring their multi-game ticket to the counter and claim their winnings from all the games played.

Split Tickets

A split ticket is basically two or more tickets played on the very same physical ticket. Each logical ticket is consisted of a group of numbers sperated from the other group(s). That seperation is done ither by circling or separating with a line. The groups can not share numbers and must have their own numbers. There is no advantage to a split ticket. It simply allows you to play two or more games on the same piece of paper. One disadvantage is that you can not use the same number more than once.