The Keno Game

Video keno

Nowadays everything ends up being computerized, even keno.You can find video keno machines alongwith the rest slot machines and video poker machines. as in the lounge you can have different bets on different ammounts .... from nickels to dollars Machines. First thing you do first is place your Wager - 1 to 4 coins. When you insert your coins - the "erase" button and the "play" button will light. Since you just sat down, you most likely souldnt want to play the last gamer's numbers, you should press "erase."

The machine will show you a valid keno tickect with its 80 boxen. The touch screen will enable you to finger out the number you want to pik for your ticket. When you select a number, it will be replaced by an "X" or a check mark. If you change your mind about a number there's no way back , kidding , just touch it again and it will revert to the number. You can pick between 1 and 10 numbers. When you're done selecting your numbers, just press the play button and the machine will start drawing "random" numbers. When the machine draws a hit on your ticket the machine will nicely beep.

When it comes to the payoff Video keno is similar to live keno. The techonological aspect of these video kenos are wonderfully come to express as instead of brounces you got the machine to display you the payoffs. This display will change as you pick more or less numbers. The payoffs in the display are for the numbers you have selected at that point, This is what I call alien technology.

Las Vegas is always trying to improve and modify any way there is to make a bet. You will find a variety of video keno machines on the floor. The instructions above are for a basic four coin video keno machine. There are "Way Keno" machines that let you play several cards at once, "Caveman Keno" machines that introduce bonus dinosaur eggs and several other variations.