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I am a Patent Attorney, qualified to practice before the European, UK and Israel Patent Offices, and specializing in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering and patents to do with the Internet. I also have experience in the fields of optics, control engineering, semiconductor engineering and in medical device engineering.

I work for Ehrich & Partners in Tel Aviv, Israel, and have over 13 years of experience in writing and prosecuting patent applications all over the world.

Through Ehrlich & Partners I have trusted associates in every country in the world to give you, my client, the best on the spot local advice to serve your interests.

As well as writing and prosecuting applications, I also provide a search and advisory service to let you know the state of the art and advise you on your position vis a vis your competitor's patents. 

Enforcing patent rights is expensive.  My aim is to keep you, my client, out of court by means of well drafted patents that your competitors will not dispute.
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