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Lighthouse (UK) Free Information & Community Centre for UK Chinese students

This is a web site dedicated to Chinese students and their families with free information on study, work, travel and other relevant topics on living in the UK. The site aims to become a virtual community centre, where Chinese students and their families can exchange information and views, and help each other.

As a Chinese student, you may find this site useful because :

  1. it is partly based on personal experience and this personal approach will make you feel more at home here than with any other official site for Chinese students;
  2. it collects from the Web a number of useful links;
  3. it provides facilities for a virtual community;
  4. most importantly, it will be updated with the immediate happenings concerning Chinese students, based on first-hand feedbacks and experiences;
  5. lastly, it asks you, the member of this community, to contribute to its further development, if you are interested and have some time.

Voila: This web site is fully set up from 24th August, 2000! All contents on this web site are for information only. This site has been updated on 24th December,2003!

Email us with your comments, suggestions and links to your other favourite sites, which will be useful for UK Chinese students!.

Information & Help & Opportunities & Friendship

For information on the Jin's family who are doing all the hard work for this site, please visit our family page. Thank you very much for your visit!

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