For all of you who wish to become anarchists here is a list of simple things you can start with. If you would like to learn about things that are not yet listed on this page please check out the Anarchist's Cookbook.

More to be added!!!!

  1. Simple Recipe for a Smoke Bomb
  2. Molitoff Cocktail: recipe 1
  3. Molitoff Cocktail: recipe 2

Simple Recipe for a Smoke Bomb

Heat this mixture over a low flame until it melts, be sure to stir well. Make sure you use a low flame, you don't want to catch it on fire or burn it. Pour into the container you want the bomb to be in. Before it sets and becomes solid place a few matches in it to act as fuses.

Molitoff Cocktail: recipe 1

  1. fill a coke bottle about half way with gasoline
  2. cram a piece of cloth in the neck good and tight
  3. force a chlorine tablet into the bottle
  4. Throw at intended target, when glass breaks chlorine and gasoline will react.

Molitoff Cocktail: recipe 2

  1. fill a wine bottle about way full with tiny pieces of styrafoam
  2. fill bottle up with gasoline
  3. cork bottle, make sure the cork is tight (sealing with wax is advisable)
  4. rub bottle with rubbing alcohol, gets rid of gasoline residue that could cause problems
  5. soak a tampon in gasoline
  6. place tampon in plastic sandwhich bag with one end sticking out
  7. duct tape tampon, in bag, to neck of bottle
  8. To set off
    1. light tampon on fire
    2. throw bottle

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