§atanic Chat Room Entrances

The Lord Marduk graciously opens these chat room doors for you. Having read the rules of the house you are permitted to enter the chat rooms.

Well people I have some bad news to pass along at this time. Recently (around the first of the year '99) the chat room that was accessed from here was taken down. I am planning on eventually posting a tribute page to the chat rooms...as I did find them to be some of the best chat rooms I had ever been in. So, with a sorrowful note, I say so long to the Haunted House (a.k.a. Lichfield Manor).

Hopefuly I will have new chat entrances set up. I am planning on posting entrances to some chatropolis rooms.

If you liked the chat rooms then there is something special for you to discover. Ever hear of a thing in the chat rooms called Magik.

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