The Revolution



As a citizen of the United States I am here to exercise my freedom of speech. By the law of this land I shall speak of this land and its government. I have posted this page in order to express my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about this land and its government. I no longer see the so-called democracy that our government claims to be. All that I see is a land of oppression.

The idea of a democratic government is a wonderful thing. In theory, it is one of the most perfect types of government. Except that now, after 200 plus years, this democracy that our fore fathers created has started to deteriorate. Multiple problems afflicting the central government have begun to seriously compromise its integrity.

The Legislative Branch

If we look at the legislative branch of the government we can get an idea of how the rest of the government is behaving. This is the branch of government that the people have the largest say in. Unlike the executive branch of the government. This branch of the government is directly elected by the people.

The behavior of congress is a disgrace to our nation. There have been so many scandals over the last few years that are making congress look like a pack of criminals. If you look you see senators taking kick backs, representatives violating ethics rules, and just about everybody accepting illegal campaign contributions. These things have become so common that both the public and the press have stopped taking notice most of the time.

The Judicial Branch

This is the branch of the government which interprets the laws. Who is at the top of this branch? The Supreme Court. How often does the public hear of them? The public actually hears little about this branch of the government. The only time we, as the public, really hear about them is when a new justice is appointed or when a major law or court case is ruled on.

The problem now is the inconsistency of the rulings made by the courts. They ruled that censoring the internet is unconstitutional. Yet they turn around and allow the ban of true encryption programs. They allow certain types of so-called encryption programs. But the ones that are allowed are so cheaply made and easy to decipher that they are of no practical use. True encryption programs are nearly unbreakable and are legal almost everywhere else in the world. The claim is freedom of speech. The truth is not freedom of information.

The Executive Branch

This is our president and vice-president. This is the over emphasized and over stated branch of government. The blame for this over emphasis should fall equally on the press and elected officials. The over emphasis of political power by the press and personal power by the president are two main problems.

The power of the president is only as a figure head. His real power comes in the ability to influence the majority by telling them things that are not exactly true. Yes, the president has some power. But in comparison to other offices his power is extremely limited. The real power of this branch lies in the vice-president.

The vice=president carries most of the power in this branch. The vice-president not only has power as a figure head but also as a senator. Under certain circumstances the vice-president has the ability to vote in the senate. The president himself does not have this power. The president has the power to make treaties and war, but these things must also be approved by congress.

The Divided Parties

Our government is divided down into two main political parties. They are there as a way for the public to have a stronger voice in the government. These parties at one time had clearly defined political goals. But now the parties seem to be only there in order to stop the other party. There is no longer a clearly defined political goal behind either of the major parties.

The Press

The press deserves a high amount of the blame for the problems with our government. They have a tendency to zero in on the wrong branch of the government for different issues. Journalist are supposed to have a code of ethics. But I am seeing less and less of an ethical position in the press.

The press used to have a term called yellow journalism. This term was used to describe a journalist who reported untrue, misleading, or only partial facts. The journalist of today have a tendency to do this no matter what. Nearly all journalists are yellow journalists.

U.S. Secrecy

There are three main groups in this category that I wish to discuss. Although I believe that these groups fall in the same category I also believe that they should each be addressed individually. The three groups that I wish to discuss are:

  1. The F.B.I.
  2. The C.I.A.
  3. The Secret Service

The F.B.I.

This is the law enforcing body of the federal government. This is stated simply in the name of the government agency: The Federal Bureau of Investigation. This agency is similar to a local police department. But the difference is that a police department wants to be noticed by the public. Where as the FBI takes measures to stay out of the spot light. What I want to know is what all the secrecy is for?

The C.I.A.

The Central Intelligence Agency. Until fairly recently this was the most secret part of our government. The public is still rarely informed of any of the workings of this agency. Through out its existence this agency has down little for the people. It has tried multiple political maneuvers over seas, but it was rarely successful. It has been so rare for the CIA to do anything news worthy.

The Secret Service

This is the agency which is in charge of protecting the president. The interesting part about them is that they are employed by the treasury department, not the defense department. They are there to protect the president and the first family. Often times they have a tendency to go way to far to protect the president. Occasionally extreme measures are needed for certain situations, but the Secret Service has a tendency to consider everything an extreme circumstance. Is the president really so important as to risk the safety of the public for him?


In conclusion I would like to say that I feel that a change is needed in our government. A revolution to change the way it behaves is necessary.

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