The process of writing this essay has been a fairly entertaining time. I originally wrote this as a letter to a good friend in order to explain a few things about Satanism. I never actually expected for this to come out to be so long. My intentions were just to make a comparison of Satanism and the average persons every day life. But as I wrote I just kept coming up with more to say.

At one point I thought I had actually finished. I made some corrections and printed out the first copy. While having the first copy proof read I came up with more to write. While doing this additional writing, I developed a way of organizing the sections to make the whole thing easier to read. Part of the reason I decided to reorganize was to help add an emphasis to certain sections.

Its amazing when I think about how just a small idea has flourished. It never occurred to me that there was so much that I wanted to say. As things came to mind I would write them out, never considering how long this essay was becoming. It wasn't until the essay passed the twenty page mark that I started to review what I had written. It was at that point that I decided to go back and add to the original introduction. The original introduction is still printed here in the introduction. The original introduction is the final couple of paragraphs were I relate why I wrote this essay.

I do want to thank my girlfriend, Mary, for all the support and ideas she gave me. With out her I never would have even started writing this. I also want to thank my friends Jim and Pat who unknowingly aided me in the writing of this paper.

This paper originally started out as just a three page hand written letter. It developed in the course of a few weeks into this long essay. Who knows, over time maybe even more shall be added on to this essay.

During the process of writing this essay I was approached by a "good christian woman." Seeing me write she was curious to find out what I was writing about. After a little side stepping to try and avoid the issue I finally gave up and told her why I have written this essay. I gave a simple three part answer which outlines the entire reason for writing this essay.

  1. To show how the average person follows the Satanic ways in some form.
  2. To confront the reasons as to why Satanists are labelled as evil.
  3. To call for those who openly admit to being Satanist to ban together to spread the truth about Satanism in the U.S.

When I first mentioned the subject of my paper I could see her cringe at the word Satanism. And then when I made my second point she started getting extremely defensive. Asking why I got that reaction is a very good idea. That's one of the issues that I confront in this essay.

     Lord Marduk

"Open your eyes that you may see, Oh men of mildewed minds, and listen to me ye bewildered millions!"
(Book of Satan I:2)

Chapter 1: Satanism 101
Chapter 2: Civil Satanism
Chapter 3: Lets Talk
Chapter 4: That Feels Good
Chapter 5: Who Knew?
Omega: The Closing

This essay (§atanic Education) was written by Lord Marduk
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