This is an introduction to the new page called The Rant. I've only got a couple of things written on this page, but I'm constantly working on more.


All right, I'm not one to do a lot of ranting but I've got a number of things that I would like to say something about. First of their's affirmitive action. Sure, the minorities think this is a great thing because it gets them jobs that they don't deserve. But it hinders the rest of the people. By giving jobs to people who don't qualify for them you are taking away from the quality of work that is done. Affirmitive action is on of the reasons why their still is racism. Do away with this legal form of racism and you will find that things will eventually get better.

Another thing I have to say has to do with drivers on the road. People want to believe that teenage drivers are the worst and most dangerous drivers on teh road. I disagree with this. The most dangerous drivers on the road are a completely different set of people. That set of people are middle age women. These women are preoccupied with their hair, their make-up, the radio, et cetra, to be able to pay attention to the road. I have personal experience with this myself. I was in a major accident when a middle aged women ran a red light. She hit my car and I was severly injured. She even told the police that she was to preoccupied with the radio to notice the red light that she ran.

Never fucking try to say that something posted on this web page promotes or in any way advocats physical violence! If you believe that something on this pageis promoting physical violence, of any type, then you are sadly misinformed. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS PAGE IS FOR PRACTICAL USE, AND IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE VIOLENT!!!

If you believe this shit to be violent, then email me about it and I'll show you were you can find violent stuff. This shit is so tame compared to what can be found out there. HEll, I've given links to some of the more violent places, so never tell me that my page is more violent then should be allowed, because you obviously ain't seen some of the shit that is out there!

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