My Pages

This page is a page of all the different sites that I have created since learning HTML in January 1999. They have a rating beside them from 1-10, 10 being the best, that I have given them based on new techniques and by comparing them to new pages that I have created.

Some are just shells for demo, others are actual pages that I keep updated whenever I feel like it. Every time I update this page, so do the ratings get updated, so take a look around and enjoy!

Page last updated: Feb 18th 2002

Rating: 9.5
Seige Legion - A page for the Seige Legion clan I started for the Age of Empires game.
Some of my best work yet I beleive, and of course now, everything else sucks, cept my flash stuff thats still cool. =)

Rating: 9
GrapeMash 1 - A page I built when I was thinking about opening a site just for message boards. GrapeMash 1 & GrapeMash 2 are by far the most complex layouts that I have made so far. I would give them a 10, but I don't think any page here will ever see one of those.

Rating: 9
GrapeMash 2 - A variation of GrapeMash 1 that I made. I was going to add another table to the right for other links and ads to complete the page, but I'm through with it for now, maybe I will add it at a later date. Just as complex, both of them took me a while to perfect because of a misplaced command, something that I hadn't encountered before, but I got it fixed and know what it is. =)

Rating: 9
}Happy Guppy{ - Happy Guppy is a brand new site that I just designed. Its for my sister and she is working on the actual material that is going to go into the site, I just did the layout and design of it. Hope you like it, I do. =)

Rating: n/a (Not my own creation, work model from book)
Flash Site -->Shelley Biotech - This is a page I did as a practice page while I was learning Flash 4. Just here to show what I can do in Flash.

Rating: n/a (Partially my own creation, I've added a few things seperate from work book)
Flash Site -->Stich Fashion Journal - This is a page I did as a practice page while learning Flash 5. Just here to show what I can do in Flash, there are a few things that are different than the model in the book.

Rating: 6
Dark Death Chat - Dark Death is a page I did for the former DarkDeath.Net chat server. They changed thier name to Shey's Toybox so page got scrapped.

Rating: 6
9Eleven Web Productions & Design - 9Eleven is my Web Design page. Some Flash 5 included.

Rating: 7
Shey's Toybox - This is the page that I did for Shey's after they switched names from

Rating: 7
Christina's Palace - This is a page I did for my girl friend, not sure exactly when she is going to decide to use it. Pretty much the same thing as the Shey's Toybox page, a few different things.

Rating: 3
Burton Family Webpage - A page about me and my family. I have even put up some of my belches.

Rating: 3
Codez - This is a show copy of my Codez page gaming cheat codez page. Never finished it because I didnt have time to finish typing in all those thousands of game codes.

Rating: 1
Battle Kamode - Battle Kamode is a Mario Kart 64 site, it offers tips, tricks and general info as well as some other great stuff.