Pixie Haven
Well, so you have stumbled upon my little homepage, good for you.  My name is Johanna but I am know as Pixie.  That is a long story behind the nickname perhaps I will tell it to you one day. 

I decided to make myself a homepage for my friends who do not know a lot about me.  So instead of being annoying and asking me, just read.  You might have to read between the lines as well!

I will hopefully keep updating this page with events in my life and keep you posted on DPI, a band my two best friends and I are forming...see links page for the link.

So venture on, into the Haven if you dare and just remember I don't bite.  Well I do, only in the KINKY way ^_^

UPDATED: As of December 12, 2003 I have attempted to update. I have removed my poems from the webpage...why? I wanted to. I will add a link at sometime for my poems on All Poetry so...yea...woo hoo.

My life? Well...I dunno...it's okay I guess. Major depression recently with unknown reasons...well I do know the reason but im not sharing why. It's no ones business but my own.

Check out the sites for the new stuff.
One of my senior pics
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