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Welcome to The Shrine To lunar Please Enjoy your Stay. I am rerestyleing this page so links may be down for awhile I will also have links to tons of other Lunar pages and other gaming pages. ;)

Lunar 2 Release Date OCT. 18th

Lunar 2 Should be out The 18 of October!! I will keep you updated.

Stuff Here Soon

Lunar:SSSC Midis

Alex & Luna's Song

Alex & Luna's Song (remix)


Dragon Cave

Luna's boat song (remix)

Transmission spring

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Midis

Memory Screen

Opening Video music


The Shrine To GhaleonThis is my Favorite Lunar Page so far. But The other Lunar Pages blow are great to.

DragonMaster Don's Lunar Page This is a relly nice Lunar Page

Arkmay's Lunar PageThis is another Great Lunar Page with all kinds of cool stuff

Nathan's Ultimate Lunar PageGeeeze Another Great Page With Music Pics ect.

Dragon Master Hiro

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