Letter Writing Tips

The more personal your letter is, the more influence it has. Say whatís on your mind and in your heart. Use your own words wherever possible, but donít think you have to write like an expert to have influence. Hand write your letter if your handwriting is legible. Mass computer generated mail is getting so sophisticated that it often looks like itís done by an individual. Handwritten letters are now the only way that a congressional office knows that the letter really comes from an individual constituent. If you prefer to type a letter, make sure you sign it and then add a handwritten P.S.

  1. Local Postcards
    This is always fun to send and receive.
  2. Home Photos
    Personal and family photos make your correspondence more special.
  3. Unique Envelope
    Select one that reflects your personality. You can even write on the back for an added personal touch. Experiment with a variety of sizes.
  4. Special Stationery
    Use different types of paper, different colors, sizes, shapes.
  5. Colorful Inks
    You can have fun with lots of color inks. Even use many colors in the same letter. It will be fun to read.
  6. Drawings & Doodles
    Sketches, doodles are also fun to include in your letter.
  7. Clippings of Local Interest
    Share interesting local stories with your pen friends.
  8. Something Very Unique
    Want to share something special? A lock of your hair in a small envelope!
  9. Tapes & CDs of Local Entertainers
    You can trade these with each other. Sharing you local popular music.
  10. Personal or Business Card
    This or a personal card may also be included. Use your imagination with this. You can make your own with a computer. Include lots of info.
  11. Typed or Computer Letters
    If you have an easily readable handwriting, stick with it. Or, a neatly typed or computer letter may be easier to read for your pen friends.
  12. Your Voice Message
    A very exciting voice letter is your message on tape. You can talk for an hour and include voices of your family, pets, your favorite music etc. Try it.
    - Send train tickets or tickets from places you visited
    - Add some surprise confetti that will fall out when the letter is opened
    - Enclose a poem or a literary passage you like
    - Make a little phrasebook of your native language/region's dialect
    - Draw a map explaining where the places you refer to are situated
    -When you e-mail or snail mail them, tell them where you got their name and address.
    -Don't TELL them that you are their new pen pal, ASK them if they want to be pen pals.
    -Don't just answer their questions and send it back or they won't know what to write.
    -Ask at least 1 question per letter.

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