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2) Please respect the wishes of penpals and who they do/do-not want to hear from! Also once you contact someone from this website, it is out of my hands and I can not do anything for situations which may arise.

3) Please use this section for finding/becoming a snail-mail only penpal. Guestbook entries about my website are much appreciated, in the Guestbook on my main page.

4) NO ADS IN CAPITAL LETTERS! Very hard on the eyes for some people. It's also considered "shouting."

5) NO ADS FROM AFRICA. (Hey, my site, my rules.)

6) Please sign in your own age group. Any ads not following all directions will be deleted immediately. I keep a very close eye on these ads.

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Good luck finding some new friends!!!

8) No looking for love.


April 11, 2007

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