7/16/03- Peppers in Cheltenham
The malcontents, the penance.

6/26/03- Montell's in Tewkesbury.
The malcontents, Fuser.

6/25/03- Pepper's in Cheltenham
the malcontents, the misterons.

6/24/03- Robbin's well in Leamington spa- Cancelled

6/13/03- Crackers in Gloucester.
The malcontents, athlete's foot and conscience.

5/07/03- Peppers in Cheltenham
the malcontents, the contraversy (our first ever headlining show

4/20/03- Montells in tewkesbury
the malcontents, buzztone, cousin joey, skankt, b movie heroes, spunge

4/21/03- Fish and Fiddle, cheltenham
the malcontents, Peckerwood, face, the voladoras.


21/12/02 - Froster Cricket Club, Stroud
The Malcontents, Pimpin' for Daphne
Free entry (private party)

29/11/02 - St Mark's Hall, Cheltenham
The Malcontents, Checkpoint Charlie
? entry, all ages

28/11/02 - Montell's, Tewkesbur
(Some shitty drum and bass ban
d), The Malcontents, Fuser
3 entry, all ages