All lyrics by the Malcontents and Huw Norfolk.
"Land of hope and glory?!" DEMO:

Wake up another day
They found another way
To exploit us as society decays
I'm just so fucking sick
Of their knee-deep bullshit
When you work everyday just to make ends meet

You gotta start a
(Chorus) One man demonstration
Personal revolution initiation
You wanna change the world
You gotta start with your self

How many times have we voted for a liberator
Who turned out to be another Whitehall dictator?
Another fat greedy politician
Another day at work without ambition

You gotta start a

(Bridge) Keeping us under control with your tax notes
Like knives held to the population's throats
But what will you do when the righteous youth
Begin to speak the truth?



Land of hope and glory

Imperial image still remains
how long will it last?
Blown up international status
all a fucking farce
Look beyind Rule Britania
Ignore Buckingham palace.
Truth on the streets is plain to see
Its spiked with malice

(Chorus)Look around all i see is pain and misery and apathy
You've got to make your own land of hope and glory
the truth is we're alone.

Hey flag-blinded patriot you think your contry cares
when you need the government, is it there?
or is it spending money that it stole from the people?
does it go to the NHS?
Or another fucking bomb?!

Look around all i see is pain and misery and apathy
you've got to make your own land of hope and glory
The truth is we're alone.

It's all a fucking class war when it comes down to it
if you don't have the money, you don't mean shit

shut your mouth, open your mind.

there's a girl who owns a shop down my road,
her blind racism shows.
she accuses immigrants of being lazy.
when she won't give them work it;s crazy.

(Chorus) Am i the only one who's sick of the violence?
Am i the only one who's sick of hate?
Am i the only one who doesn't see a difference?
We're set on eachother by the state.

Why does she tell her kids they're not like us?
why can't they find a seat on the bus?
what makes you proud of the colour of your skin?
What makes you proud of this country we live in?