What do you think about if you hear something about Russia? Russian snowy winter, Russian vodka, Russian balalaika... right? I'm a typical Russian man, I like to eat Siberian hand made pel'menis with the hottest Russian mustard, from time to time I like to give a tribute to the Russian vodka (and to have an aching head next morning :)). I like Russian poetry and abstruse folk songs, Russian nature with it's huge fields and forests...

But it's something wrong with me. I said I like Russian folk songs? Well, that's right, but at the same time I like some genres of American music (I mean black and white roots music as well as some vintage pop music). I can say that I like American music even more then Russian one. Seems strange but that's the way it is.

I'm not only music fan but also a musician. I play guitar and sing, also I'm a teacher of guitar playing and songwriter. The genres I play are rockabilly, country, blues, jazz, funk, rock and related. Also I'm interested in some tech info about guitar sound such as tube amps circuitry etc. In this site you'll find some guitar lessons, guitar tabs, maybe some info about tube amps as well as the stories about me and about Russian music scene.

Feel free to email me at prasaleff@barbershop.ru