My Music

My interests in music are covering a wide area of genres. I got influences from a lot of musicians. It's B. B. King, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan from blues, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette from rockabilly, George Benson from r'n'b, Mark Knopfler from rock, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane from jazz, James Brown, Tower Of Power from funk, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson from fusion, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Hank Williams Sr. from contry... A few years ago I discovered the barbershop singing and became it's fan... It's hard to mention all of great musicians and all of genres that I like to listen and to get any ideas from.

Seems strange but my own music is hard to consider as something like music of the persons mentioned above. Here are links to some of my recordings. In first, let me show you two songs that I recorded in 2001 with my rockabilly band called Neva River Rockets. It's my original songs, I played a guitar and sang, other musicians were double bass player and drummer:

Also I'm a lead guitar player in rock band called Adali. There we play our original rock songs. The lyrics are in Russian language. Here are two songs:

And now we have a period of strong rehearsals with the new version of Neva River Rockets. The drummer left our band and we found an acoustic guitar player who took his place. Soon we'll have a professional recording session. You can hear some songs that was recorded on our rehearsal. All of them are my original songs.