Welcome to Map Cafe Just opened Saturday 1/12/01.

Like my Glowing arches? not golden arches(thats McDonald's lol)

I mainly do maps on the original Half Life coop but i sometimes will make some for TFC.

1/13/01 Updates to maps and texture downloads plz check them out.

Im workin on a map called Target Practice its turing out good so far but it gets lagged up some so i should shorten the room

Description on Target Practice: Its a map to work on your aim you start out in a armory and after you get all your ammo head for the little room you will teleport to the Target range there is gonna be 3 levels of dificulty Easy Normal or hard easy is only zombies they wont shoot at you but they will head toward you there easy to kill :)   Normal will have enemys that will shoot at you but wont be human  Hard is gonna be Human assassins and Grunts that will be shooting at you.

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