[Name]: Emily

[Any Nicknames?]: Yes! I am referred to as Emiazla, Azzie, Emi, Emmy, The Dood, The weird chick or Dollie occasionally!

[Date of Birth:] 11/5/88

[Likes]: Musicals, drawing, Gorillaz, The Phantom of the Opera, singing, boogieing, speaking with accents whenever possible, 2-D, walking around in a ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat, fart jokes, awkward noises, Redwall books (I’ve just started the first one and I am LOVING it!), Discworld, Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, Murdoc, Diet Dr. Pepper, Colored pencils, Noodle, Strong Bad, Talking to Ali-Bear whenever possible, my lamb Alegría, Russel, the word “Butt dimples”, Eric Idle, anything Monty Python, DOC OCK, being lead in Musicals, Kitties!, Rocky Horror Picture Show, ‘The ‘Twas Brillig’ Message Board, penguins, Swing Dancing, Voice acting, Rob Paulsen, Rincewind, Jim Cummings, Nightcrawler, Charlie Adler, Jess Harnell (…I Like voice actors…Hush You!), The Song “Flying Dreams”, Batman, CD shopping, acting, accents, Tom Hulce, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Disney Movies, Ron White, and Latrines.

[Dislikes?]: The dark, bugs, fights, smart asses, people who take their beliefs a little TOO far, racists, those who think cartoons are for little kids, Divas, pessimists (I.E. me at times), badly dubbed movies, SOME anime, hypocrites, Stores not having the EXACT CD I want, Getting in trouble for something someone else got away with, Awkward Moments.

[You Aspire To Be?]: Musical Theatre Actress, Voice Actress, Comedian, Actress, Writer, Poet, cartoonist, happily married, farmer, front woman of Barenaked Ladies, lover to Sir Paul McCartney, Sing and dance with Michael Bublé, Be Kissed By Eric Idle, Be in a Broadway show with Tom Hulce and Brian Stokes Mitchell, Be a character on a show with Rob Paulsen.

[Choose penguins]:
I’ve always been in love with penguins since I watched Monty Python’s Exploding Penguin on T.V. sketch.  The penguin just made me laugh! Then, few years ago, I created Jo Bob for a story I wrote.  Since then I fell in love with him and decided to someday make a website and have him be the mascot.  But I felt he was lonely so I made Pew Pew, his brother, so he wouldn’t be lonely.

[Make The Masked Homie]: The Masked Homie came alive one day while I was in my Literature teacher’s homeroom.  I had begun writing weird quotes on the board and, not wanting to write my name, decided to write ‘Homie’ on the board.  But when I stepped back it look boring, so I decided that my homie wore a paper bag over her head so then she was entitled “The Masked Homie” concealing her identity with a cleverly cut paper bag.  Since then, she has been remodeled to wear just a small eye mask but she is still me, the brown-eyed, brown-haired weirdo that I am.  She’s just a lot hotter then me!

[Personality]: My personality makes Rubik’s cubes look like a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle. A Little Peaceful, a little angsty, A whole LOT a Crazy (In a good way! J)

[Inspirations]: My everyday life.  Conversations with my brother and Father, friends, strange moments at parties, my cats, random quotes said by the populace, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Tenacious D, Bad One-liners, and SNL.
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Me After my first performance as The Cat in the Hat from 'Seussical: the Musical'
And This is a self taken picture.  I call this one: "Deer in the Headlights".  Yeah, i'm hot....enough, lol.