Jo Bob: *Looks at above picture* Dude, what is that?

Homie: …a picture…

Jo Bob: *Crosses arms and speaks sarcastically* No shit…?

Homie: Are you making fun of me?

Jo Bob:  Are you retarded?

Pew Pew: *Pops in holding martini* Better not answer that, Home-girl.

Homie: Jo‘s being a mean dickweed!

Jo Bob: Not mean:  nefariously sharp.

Pew Pew: Dude, big words suck the big one.

Homie: Shh! Stop talking, I’m introducing the page.

Pew Pew: *Thumbs up* Gotcha, babe!

Jo Bob: …WTF? Since when did you have thumbs?

Pew Pew:…it’s a secret…

Jo Bob: …Whatever, douche-bags. *Trudges off*

Homie: Anyway, please enjoy the gradually getting non-crappy artwork of myself.  Enjoy!
~*Funky Penguin Art
   Original Banner-
Welly-well, well! Chech it out: My original banner!  This craptastic comic/banner was the first attempt at coloring with colored pencils and scanning with the new compy.  It turned out bad, but I tried!
Marcello Checks Out The Caboose-
Based on a quick scene from the music video "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul. Marcello's first encounter with Homie...
Cheeky bugger...
Rod's Dream: Accidentally in Love-
Awww...Rod's such a sweetie! All he wants is a certain failed superhero to like so in his spare time, he imagined this little scene. Lyrics fro Counting Crows "Accidentally In Love"
I'll Be There For You...-
A picture for my friend, Ali of our CATS characters dressed up as Jareth(Artezion/Ali) and Sarah(Azrelela/Me) from Labyrinth one of the greatest movies EVER MADE! Click here to see Ali's site!
Sassy Laying Down-
After a joy-filled ride in my friend's car while out to the mall, I was re-introduced to one of the greatest bands-The Gorillaz.
Whilee listeneing to their music, I doodled out this lovely vixen, Sassy.  *Roughly* based on the Gorillaz style (ROUGHLY).
Man, Sassy is a sexy little momma, ain't she? ;)
This was sketch while listening to The song "Feel Good Inc." by The Gorillaz.
Buy the album 'Demon Days'...then give it to me...please? :)
EDIT: Hee hee, I have aquired Demon Days!  Life is Su-weet!
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All Artwork on this page is © Emily H. 2004-2005.  If you’d like to use some of ther artwork here, please e-mail me and ask.  Of course, I’ll prolly say “Yes, Yes! YISS!!!!!!1!!one!!” but common courtesy is a good thing! :)
Happy Halloween! Funky Penguin Style!-
Lookit! A Halloween banner!  Ah yes, this banner feautres: Jo Bob as The Mad Hatter, Kitten as Sexy Alice (Rawr! ^__^), Marcello as Hugh Hefner (W/snazzy Bubble pipe!), Homie as Sally the Ragdoll, Rod as Jack Skellington, and Pew Pew as a pirate (Yarr!).
...And Whyt he Hell is Dudemus in the picture!  Damn streaker!
Happy Holidays!-
Pew! ya Perv!  Why you gotta make a hoochie penguin?  Ah, snowman building is more fun when you make kinky pengus! :)
N. Cindy Airy-
After my friends Ali-Bear sent me a shitload of presents, I was reunited with my childhood love of Beetlejuice!  Here is the home grown character Natalie Cindy Airy (N. Cindy Airy...get it? XD!)
A vampire with a pyromaniac streak.  Her finger are like flint so she an snap her fingers and POOF!  Fire!...crappily colored with colored pencils.
A female version of the emcee from Cabaret.  Shuddup, i can pretend it could happen...It *could* happen!
Dollie-Ann, The harlequin ragdoll-
A Nightmare Before Christmas character still in the works.  This is little Dollie-Ann.  She's a frail and frightened little thing who has developed a little crush on Jack.  Cute, ain't it?
...Meant To Be...?-
Man, Jack's got ladies all over him! Good One on ya mate!
...Anyway, another TNBC character, Malice.  She's a sort of ragdoll Grim reaper.  You like her, you know you do.
Joker and his Ragdoll-
...If you can't tell, I'm on a 'Ragdoll' kick.  Here is a hench-girl for The Joker.  Little Ragdoll is 16 and impressionable.  Good role model for her?  The Homicidal Clown Prince of Crime, of course!
Deidre Jones AKA Ragdoll-
This is what hanging out with the Joker gets you...your own mugshots!
Tumnus and Deidra: First Meeting-
After seeing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, I have fallen in love with Tumnus...HAWT! is my character Deidra; the Brown Witch (Jadis' sister...shuddup, I can do that.) meeting eachother as children. Ain't they cute?
Tumnus and Deidra-
Sleeping underneath a tree...colored with colored pencils and the crappy MS paint.  Click here for the uncolored Version.
Ally Pawson: Bear it all!-
My SWAT Kats character Ally Pawson.  Oh yea, she's in her undies!
Deidra: The Phoenix Witch-
Deidra all grown up!  You have NO IDEA how hard it is to colored a dress to look like a flame!
Hank Dreams of Claire-
I need to stop making up Original Characters...anyways here is Beast from X-Men and my OC Claire AKA Lone Wolf.  claire is brash, flirtatious, outgoing and everything that Hank/Beast wouldn't normally go for in ladies, yet he has fallen head over heels for her.  lyrics from the song "Just The Girl" by The Click 5.  bakground and lyrcs added by Ali-Bear.  Thanks Doll!