Da Links!!!
Pew: Yo dudes! Check. It. Out!! 
This is "a device that is capable of
breaking down solid matter and then projecting it
through space and who knows, perhaps even time itself."

Jo Bob:...You've been hanging around Homie Wayyyyyyyy to long...

Pew: Hey! "Don't get hot and flustered, use a bit of mustard!"

Jo Bob: *Smacks him* Shut up.

Pew: *Rubs back of head* Ow...
Okay, so this is the links page, hope you enjoy it...
*Begins to sing again*

"It was great
When it all began
I was a regular Franky Fan..."

Jo Bob: Don't make me get the mallet.
- A weekley comic updated by the wonderful Tracy Pierce! If you haven't read Catena yet, you need too!  Bear is Hilarious!!
-Cup 'o' Jo.Net is brilliantly zany artwork by Joanna Davidovich!  Her love of Animaniacs, Freakazoid, AND Swing dancing makes me crown her one of the greatest women in history!
-Found by cruising Jo's site, Nate Pratt is one very talented guy!  I love Bob and Sidney!
..and Vitus to (Hey, if i don't say that, he may smite me!)
...Behold I am Vitus, lord of all that is Evil...
-Simply said, one of the greatest sites out there!! I about peed myself laughing when I saw Strong Bad's E-mails!
Strong Bad for President!! Get some merchendise! (The Strong Bad sweat-shirt is awesome!!!)
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All Hail Rocky...