Chao Adv. 2
Chao Adventure 2 is a VMU mini-game that lets you and your Chao explore many different places. This game is the only way to get fruits and seeds. This game is REALLY boring because you have to wait a LONG time for your Chao to tell you something. It takes over an hour to finish one adventure. When the VMU beeps and there is a letter on the bottom-right corner of the screen your Chao wants to tell you something. Press A to listen to the Chao. Press A when the Chao doesn't want to tell you anything to view the menu. Below is the menu options and what they do.

Status - Shows all of your Chao's stats.

Snack - Lets your Chao eat a snack from the totally useless slot game.

Pet - Lets you pet your Chao. Use this when your Chao stops walking for whatever reason.

Scold - Lets you scold your Chao. Don't use this option.

Items - Lets you discard or view an explanation of an item. (items can only be used in the Chao Garden)

Slots - One of the biggest mistakes Sega made for this game was replacing the matching game with a slot game. This game is a matter of luck and it only gives you useless items.

Hello - This lets you mate 2 Chao. First get 2 VMUs with CA2 and select this option on both of them. Then link them together and, if your lucky, they will mate. Each VMU will get one egg.

Owner - Lets you view/change your personal data. You can view/change the following options

Blood Type

Freind - Lets you view the data of Chao that you have mated with in the VMU.

Options - Lets you change the following.

Chao (name)
Owner (Tell/No Tell)
Sound (On/Off)

Also, along the adventure different events will occur. Below are the events that could happen

Flying Fists Battle - In this event you and a bully Chao will fight. To hit the bully Chao
hit A when a white bar is highlighted. If you hit a black one you will miss. The first one to get hit 3 times loses. If you lose the bully Chao will take one item from you.

Treasure Chest - When you find a treasure chest there are 3 bars under it. Choose a bar. If you get the right one, you will get an item and your Luck will increase by 100. If you get one of the wrong ones, you will get nothing and your Luck decreases by 100.

Chao Stops Walking - Sometimes your Chao will get bored and stop walking. To make it walk again Pet it.

To plant the seeds you get in an adventure you must get a Chao that can walk and also has the Shovel and Watering Can from the Crab Pool and Stump Valley races and give the seed to the Chao. You can also give it to a Chao with a Shovel and then let a Chao with a Watering Can water it. Then wait a couple of minutes for the tree to grow. Neutral Chao will eat any kind of nut from any tree. But hero and dark Chao will only eat nuts from certain trees. Below are the type of seeds and what type of Chao eats the nuts from it.

Tall Seed - All
Creepy Seed - Dark Chao
Rough Seed - Dark Chao
Vitality Seed - Hero Chao
Power Seed - All (I think)
Tasty Seed - Hero Chao
Wonder Seed - Hero Chao
Forbidden Seed - Dark Chao
Rare Seed (not that rare lol) -

Probably the main reason to play CA2 are for the fruits. Fruits are a food that, when given to a Chao, change its stats, mood, or happiness. Below are the fruits I know and their effects. Remember that your Chao must eat all of the fruit..

Smart Fruit - Raises intelligence by 15

Chao Fruit - Raises SWIM, FLY, RUN, and POW by 6

Heart Fruit - Makes Chao ready to mate (works only at a certain age)

Energy Fruit - Makes Chao active

Peace Fruit - Makes Chao mellow, sometimes makes it sleep

Hero Fruit - Makes Chao like the Hero Side

Dark Fruit - Makes Chao like the Dark Side

The not all Chao will eat the next three fruit. When a Chao is born it will like 2 of the fruit below, but it won't eat the 3rd one. It is random which one of these fruit a Chao dislikes. These fruit do nothing that I am aware of except raise stamina.

Round Fruit

Square Fruit

Triangle Fruit

If you know a fruit not listed above
email me.

Sometimes you will enter Special Scenes. Special Scenes are mini-adventures that are
you can sometimes choose, or are random. These mini-adventures have NO effect on the adventure whatsoever and can sometimes be really long. I think Sega just made these scenes to just to make the adventure even longer than it already is. Well anyway, choose a type of adventure below.
Normal Adventures

Special Scenes
Special Scenes
Raising Chao

Chao Kindergarten

Special Chao

Animals/Chaos Drives

Racing Stuff


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