The Site is going slowly through alot of updates as we hit 2006 I've decided it needs a new look!! Adding more pics soon Feel Free to look at the new pages but not all are completed.

This site is made by me (Natasha). I'm making this because I love my family and therefore they deserve a website. I'm mainly using it to put pictures on it and show the world how beautiful we all are. I will accept any other picture from anyone  just send them to and I will put them up on here. When I say anyone else I mean everyone!! Click on the links on the left to view the rest of the site.
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Inside the site there are lots of things to check out just by looking at the menu on the left you can tell there are alot of different pages to look through. There are Dedications to Koro, Aunty Miri, and Crucy, Newly Added Whanau News listing Achievements and Things Happening, The unveilings last year, A massive Picture Album of nearly everyone in the family, Christmas in 2001, Contacts page where relatives email's are, Our Marae,  Remember When's, Tania And Gregs Wedding, Family Jargon/Sayings, Questions that were asked. Lastly I want to thank Everybody who contributed and viewed the site, signed the guestbook and sent me emails informing me more about our big whanau. I won't be adding a Whakapapa section as that is way out of my league but keep on sending me details as it's heaps interesting!
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