Last year we were lucky to have such a eventful few days in December, So much of us came together to remember Our Koro and Aunty Miri. The unveilings were emotional held at Pinegrove Cemetry where we also remembered our Aunty Mira who passed a few years ago, and Woronora Cemetry.

Since relatives from New Zealand were flying over we wanted to make sure everyone felt really comfortable and have a massive party. Mission Accomplished.

After the unveilings was "The Tradies" There was a Live Band, Speeches, All the family, a bar and a fun time. For Five Days and Five Nights everyone really enjoyed themselves and they didn't want to leave. We didn't want them to leave!

Ninth Avenue was converted to the annual matthews gathering place as it where the party was at. After all is said and done everyone loved eachothers company and we can't wait to do all over again. The following are pictures from those couple of days.

From everyone to everyone else we have to say thankyou for all the help that was given throughout that time, things big and small all counted and made things much easier for us all. All the aunties, uncles and neices and nephews that cooked, cleaned, watched kids, dished food, cleaned, got drinks, supplied music, supplied food, set up the tent, arranged the pillows and blankets, cleaned, gave lifts, EVERYTHING! We apprieciated it all very much.