Band Bio                                     

Um we formed in the winter of 2001 and played a lot of covers and with a kid named Jim Pitcher a lot of support came from a band called "Duece" and Mike Berry, johns older brother, we played covers for awhile but due to a disagreement we temporarily split up. We came back again and became a trio, at this time Eric gave us the name "The Millionaire$" off the top of his head I guess. We tried a lot of different band names but this one just seemed to stick. We picked up just we're we left off and started makin songs we just stuck all our songs at the time on a stupid tape recorder I got and named it "Imitation Punk". Our first song we ever made together is "We're Drinkers" and is definitely my favorite.  It's just fun to play. I don't really know if we have our own sound or anything like that but that isn't the point of our band. The point of our band is just to have fun which we're all really good at. People called us metal and stuff so I guess we don't really have a title to go under. As for the people in the band, John is the quiet one that is down for anything, Eric is super funny and I'm the one that comes up with a lot of stupid shit. We all work really well together and compromise for the songs and add each other's ideas. Eric and I write all the songs, although John has chipped in with hidden songs like "Shotgun and I'm Crazy like Tyco Rc." We all have the same musical influences pretty much from The Clash to Green Day. That's the bio of The Millionaire$.  Hoped you enjoyed reading it thank you so much for your support. -Boyd 

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