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Last updated: 02/23/2008

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I'm more than sure, that you are a connoisseur of the Classical (and not only Classical) Music and know much more about it, than the miserable, ignorant author of this page. If you noticed any "goofs" you are more than welcome to tell the author about them, or share the musical (MIDI) files with the world.

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MIDI Mania is happy to present you its exquisite MIDI collection, which was carefully selected by the main MIDI Maniac, according to his refined taste in music. (Yes, you are not the first who tells me that I will not die of modesty). The collection includes MIDI files of Classical music, popular Rock & Pop melodies, Russian music, Movie soundtracks and National Anthems of different countries. The author hopes, that you will be able to find here what you've been looking for so desperately. You, certainly, know how to download: right click on the title and select "save as".