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~ Mistress Claire ~

Welcome to what may well be the new beginning of Claire's Domain.

There will be those of you who are loyal and may still have me bookmarked  as a site you enjoyed to explore and wished that I would have been more active over the last 2 years.

Well as people know, life has a way of getting away with you, and experiences are often such that we may deviate from previous habits for a while.

NO. I haven't deviated from my Lifestyle choices, but they too have been more limited for a while as I committed more time to work and other personal experience.

Please stay tuned to the ongoing saga, to see if Yahoo has actually flushed the original Claire's Domain down the flusher in their enthusiasm to get my well earned $, or if I will be able to resurrect it with the new content I am working on.

Until then, enjoy the beginnings of the Blog I have decided to start. you will find that under the 'My Words' Link on the side. Thank you to those that have over the years kept my site in their midsts, and as well to those which may just be discovering it for the first time.