Hello All 

It gives me immense pleasure to present you all this creation of mine.......Creating a personal website is really a dream come true from a very long time.....today at least i am on the move....The Modern Crusader is an expression and represents the Warrior of the Modern Age

The Modern Crusader does not use any weapons as used by the "Crusaders" who fought the "Holy Wars" to establish the supremacy of their  ideologies........to some extent they succeeded..........but by force, bloodshed and dishonor to those who refused to be the part of their crowd. The Results of their age old exploits are visible even today and it is feared that very soon entire human race may witness The Clash of Civilizations. The Modern Crusader is different as he has his ideas and he puts them in front of  mankind giving the masses a free choice to decide the truth and the false........there is no need for bloodshed to establish the righteousness.

I Hope the readers who visit my site will have an Open mind in understanding and accepting my views. Lastly I Thank all those who understood my ideas and offered me their love and support!!!!!! Please do pass me your feedback on the articles displayed and further suggestions for improvement.

 Best Wishes

The Modern Crusader


October 7th 2002