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This page pays homage to the books of Terry Pratchett and especially those concerned with, or mentioning, the Assassins Guild in Ankh-Morpork, and the ruler of that illustrious city, Havelock Vetinari, the Patrician.

The Guild of Assassins was set up by the Patrician, along with many other guilds (including those concerned with theft, and prostitution) as a sound fiscal measure. By this he managed to keep down the rate of crime (as the licensed guilds regulate those who are not members, usually by 'removing them'), and make a healthy profit for the city into the bargain.

"Taxation is the art of getting the most milk for the least moo"

The Guild of Assassins attracts many young men whose fathers want them to have the best education possible, as the Guild considers it essential for an assassin to be well bred and educated. The only drawback to this is that many of them do not pass the course, and only leave the Guild feet first.

There have been many assassins mentioned in the Discworld books, including Teatime's attempted assassination of the Hogfather and Death, of the attempted assassination of the Patrician twice, and of Teppic, an assassin who became Pharoah and had to deal with pesky things like rampaging mummified ancestors, and wandering gods.

There is a rumour that the Patrician himself was trained at the Guild of Assassins, which may explain why no one has killed him, or otherwise disposed of him in the time of his rule.

That's all for now, but I intend to write more on this page, and also have a page on the Patrician himself at some point, so please bear with me!

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