Six years have passed since this horrific event that has shown the world that we stand united, one nation, under God and we shall not be broken. All the names have candles next to them now so instead of requesting a candle to be lit, please visit our guestbook at the bottom of this page and leave your comments, remembrances, etc. There were so many from friends and family...each one brought tears to my eyes. You are welcome to take the graphic below of the blue and yellow candle and link it back to us.~~
September 11,2007

America suffered a huge material loss on September 11, 2001. But more important is the loss of countless human lives. We must never forget the innocent people who are missing or dead due to this senseless act of terrorism. We don't pretend to understand what happened, but we do know they must never be forgotten.

Kim & Sandy

In Loving Memory
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