The Abdallas' Nest
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Bringing back memories of having a pet hamster.

Three Months Old!

Niagara  We were married February 29, 2000. And no, this doesn't mean we'll only have an anniversary every four years. 

Nursery  Come meet the newest member of our nest!

Aviary  Birdwatching in the home.  Learn how to identify and relate to the members of our feathered family. 

Study  Beth's research interests and her course toward earning a Ph.D. in Immunology/Cancer Biology 

Office  Joe's work in Cancer Research, his second career after studying marine biology 

Weekend  How we like to spend our free time. Includes our favorite links and many pictures.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Last updated:  02/16/02
New: Just Three Month Old pictures.

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