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Hi! This is the official site of Ifrit_Zero (D.Kennedy).

Here you'll find some stuff I'm interested in, and hopefully

stuff you'll be interested in. I hope you enjoy your visit.



1. 1. 03 - Sup fellas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just added a new oekaki pic of Jet Grind Radio, check it!

12.27.02 - It's actually the 28th, but I started the pic I made of MegaMan, Rush, and Bass. It's in the oekaki section of the Gallery. Check it out!

12.26.02 - Okay I just added a couple of links: Gamefaqs, The Electric Boogaloos and Pop N Taco's site. I might add another pic that I'm working on, but I might not.

12.24.02 - Okay I finish putting up all sections, the only sections I need to finsh are the Hip-Hop and Fun sections. I don't think I'll get around to the Hip-Hop one for sometime, but I think I might get the fun section up. Tomorrow is Christmas too, and that means I get my INTUOS2!! so, there are gonna be some more artwork posted for you guys. I don't think I'll do any updating tomorrow. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.23.02 - Now I have time!!! I almost forgot how to do this stuff since thelast time i did it was during the summer! I have totally revamped the site and I kinda like the new feel. Even though the blue might hurt, it still looks cool so live with it (i have to live with glasses ^_^)!!!

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