Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
This genious of guitar playing was born in Glasgow, Scotland on March 31, 1955. Heīs the youngest son of the Young family. At the age of 2,
he and his family left Scotland and moved into a suburb of Sydney. He has played the guitar since he was nine. He left school when he was
already 15 and prefered working to afford buying equipment. His aim: Becoming a rocker. The first band he formed was called "Tantrum".
One evening during a show, Angus drove the audeince crazy with among other things, his special way of running around on stage, the famous
"duck walk", a copy of Chuck Berry', whom Angus had been a great fan. That was when Malcolm noticed his brotherīs talent and asked him
instantly to play in his new band: AC/DC. The idea of wearing a school suit on stage actually came from his sister. When Angus was still young,
he never had the time after school to take off his uniform before playing the guitar. So his sister once asked him: "Why donīt you wear the
school uniform on stage?" Since that time, he wears it at every concert. He plays a Gibson SG '61 reissue.
Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar)

Malcolm was born in Glasgow on Jan 6, 1953. He is Angusīolder brother and he also left school pretty early
in order to work. It was his older brother George who got him interested in playing guitar. Later it was Malcolm
himself who did the same with Angus. Indeed, Angus got his first acoustic guitar from him. Before Malcolm
founded AC/DC with his brother, he played in a band called "The velvet underground". His influences are The
Rolling Stones and a lot of jazz stuff, for example Louis Armstrong. Malcolm is considered by many as the
"brain" of the band. He has co-written all songs with his brother Angus. He uses a Gretsch Firebird with very
thick strings and he is one of the best rhythm guitar players in the world.
Bon Scott (Ex-Singer)

Bon Scott (Ronald Belford) was born on July 9, 1946. He is originally from Scotland, but moved to Australia when he was 4 years old. He used to afford his life with little jobs. Although he was less talented in school, He soon realized his passion for music and started playing drums at the age of 15. Prior to joining AC/DC, he sang in some other bands like the Spektors and the Valentines. In the beginning, the Young brothers wanted him to be the drummer but Bon soon proved that he was also a great singer. His wife kept asking him to write a song about her and so he wrote "Sheīs got balls". Later on, she divorced him. On Feb 20, 1980, Bon Scott died in London. After a night of heavy drinking he was found in a friendīs car, choked in his own vomit. "It was felt as if we had lost a member of our family", commented Angus.
Brian Johnson (Singer)

Brian was born on Oct. 5, 1948 in Newcastle. Before joining AC/DC, he sang in a band named "Geordie", mainly known in England. It was him who had to fill the big shoes Bon had left. But Brian has done a good job. Actually, his very first album with AC/DC, Back in Black, was a great success. It was the best selling album at that time and reached #1 on the charts. Brianīs influences are Joe Cake and Ray Charles.
Phil Rudd (Drummer)

He was born on May 19, 1954 in melbourne, Australia. Before hitting the drums for AC/DC, Phil played in a band named "The coloured balls". He first joined AC/DC in 1975 but left them in 1983follwing a serious quarrel with Malcolm. Two other drummers tried to fill in his place: Simon Wright and later Chris Slade. Although being very talented drummers, they both could not integrate into the band. Finally, over 10 years later, Phil came back for the production of "Ballbreaker" in the spring of 1994.
Cliff Williams (Bass)

Cliff was born on Dec. 14, 1949 in Romford, a suburb of London. He formed his own band called "Home" but they soon split and so he joined another band: Bandit. He came to AC/DC for the production of Powerage in 1978. Angus admits:
"We chose him because he had a pretty face. You know, thatīs very important if you want to attract enough chicks into your concerts."