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(8-4-04)I'm releasing the instrumental-not even finished-because I'm not going to finish it-sounds like crap demo to anyone who wants it. All these songs are going to be re-recorded anyway,so I don't care. The demo is entitled "This Demo Sounds like Crap,So I'm Giving It Away." Leave info on the guestbook if you want a copy.

(7-30-04)Well,sorry to anyone who has previously been involved in this project,as motivation kind of got destroyed due to many factors...Some of those factors had to do with the lineup,and some due to no time because of other projects. This may just kind of seem like the Roy Arnott solo project,which in a way,it kind of is,considering I write all the music(so far) and I'm usually the one attempting to keep things alive(if at all). But never fear,for a new lineup is on the way. Steve Olson is taking over on drums for now,though there is a slight possibility he will be moving to Florida in a couple months(in which case,I'll roll with the changes again). Bass duties haven't been figured out,yet,though there are a couple names being tossed around by Steve and I. Even though I'm pretty sure no one even really knows about this band now,I plan on making that change. A proper recording will be made in the future when we have the capabilities to do so,and I swear by the life of me,we will make a live debut as soon as possible. Keep checking back for updates.

(5-29-04)Got the bulk of the guitar tracks done today at Alex's. The EP will be 7 tracks,but the first and last are intro and outro tracks,so really only 5 actual songs,but it's still going to be great.The sound so far is very dirty and raw. It won't be polished at all.

(5-22-04)Recorded 5 songs with Coffey the other day,and then the intro/2nd track/outro pieces "Who the fuck is Arthur Digby Sellers?" parts 1,2,and 3. It's been a busy week for me,I've been working at my new job quite a bit.Not a lot of free time to get stuff done.To just get something out there,I'm thinking of just making an EP of the songs we already have the drums for.Then maybe we can get a show put together somewhere.Anyhoo,I'm off.

(5-4-04)Holy crap,that whole getting everything done in a week thing flew out the window...Lot's of stuff going on and not enough time.I'm going to be moving into an apartment within the next week and I'm starting a new job,so I'm hoping things will be able to pick up soon...To motivate myself,I listed what needs to be done to each song on the music page.Recording should commence on any songs we already have done.

(4-22-04)Today,Adam,Coffey,and I are going to jam on some stuff.I showed Adam about 7 songs yesterday,so musically,we've got a pretty good selection to work on.Next week,Adam will show me stuff he's written and we will write a few more songs to complete what will become the first self-produced release.Still debating on whether we will use Coffey's electronic kit or his acoustic kit.More will come as it comes.Some song info on the music page was added.

(4-19-04)Well,time has been tight lately,and nothing has really been accomplished so far.This is all going to change this upcoming weekend.Somehow,someway,all the music for the first recording is going to get done...This is the goal I've set for us all.

(4-8-04)Coffey and I jammed the other day and wrote a song.We've got about 8 or so songs in the works right now.

(3-31-04)Wow...I finally decided to update this page since some stuff is in the works...The band might soon be an actual band consisting of myself on guitars,Michael Coffey on drums,Adam McGuire on bass,and Alex Hopkins on vocals. If this happens,I'll be ecstatic. The band's tentative name is The Arthur Digby Sellers Project, it may change,or it may not...I've just been kind of married to that name in the past few months that I'd like to keep it for the band.Either way,things should be going well soon.

(11-13-03)Well,some more work is still being done on the first song...Levels need to be tinkered with a bit.I'll probably add some backing vocals,as well.I'm still working on some songs.I might just release an EP.I took down the version of "Sirius" that was up because I redid the guitars completely.I still kind of need to figure out some things.I'm still on the search for a band.Michael Stinson and I actually played what has now become the intro/outro piece for the forthcoming release at the PPP show this past week.I have in fact recorded those two bookend tracks,aside from bass.I think I'm looking at 4 or 5 more songs and I'll be ready.I'm even still at this moment struggling with finding a sound.I can say one thing,every song on the CD will be different in some way or another.I've been writing pretty eclectically lately.Well,I will continue recording and maybe things will happen and I'll get a band together.

(11-1-03)An mp3 of the first complete song will be up soon.While you're fuckin' here and all,go check out Alex's band,Even to the Stars

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