Altar X is an original band.  Original, as in unheard, fresh, innovative etc.  The band's music combines a modern dark sensibility with explosive choruses and classy pop song craft.  Then intense electronic rhythms, beautiful vocal melodies and enigmatic lyrics make up a startlingly different and original package.

     Roseanna Curtale is the lead singer of Altar X.  Her dynamic stage presence, glamorous, sexy image and beautiful voice place her in the highest league of contemporary rock frontwomen.  She formed the group with Ian Wagner whose credits include being a founding member of the infamous L.A. troublemakers Butt Trumpet.  Together Rose and Ian form the songwriting partnership at the heart of Altar X.

     On drums is Rudy Wagner whose traditional rock beat blends seamlessly with the techno rhythms of Altar X.  Kathleen plays the bass lines and sings the backing vocals that are central to the band's sound.  Rudy and Kathleen are both experienced musicians who also play in the band Mind Over Metal.

     Altar X's 3 song demo is led off by "The Sound", which Rose considers to be a song about "believing in yourself when it seems like everyone else lets you down."  "It's vital to know that you can always count on yourself and what you believe in no matter what happens in life."


    The second song "Red", "represents that place where unconscious sleep and reality meet.  It's about one's darkest fears and nightmares and that when the nightmares are over, whether in dreams or reality, the light is more powerful than the darkness."

     "Ocean" is an extremely haunting ballad.  Ian says, "Ocean" is about a love that transcends mortal boundaries.  It's about a love that is fated and cannot be escaped no matter how you fight it."

     Altar X's plans include their nationwide tour and sorting through label interest to put out their first full length CD.

     Rose speaks of Altar X's goals a purpose:  "We want to play heavy and intense music and try to say  something positive while doing it.  We mix different sounds, styles and influences in order to make the music we want, the way we want it...... Finally!"