David D'Ingeo


First off...have you ever wanted to do anything else but act? 

I started as a model in France at 16.  I always wanted to be a actor.  Lately I have  directed and produced a short movie in Paris.   I also wrote a movie which I  sold in italy called " La Iena".  I have always worked in the movie business because movies are really my passion.

Prior to working with Dario Argento, had you seen any of his films and what did you think of them? And are you a fan of the horror/giallo genre? 

When I came to Italy for the first time  some friends took me to see "Opera", I loved the movie and after I rented all Dario's movies.  So  yes I am a big fan of Dario, and horror movies.  My favorite is "Evil Dead".  I was very happy when Dario gave me the part in "Phantom of the Opera".

As an actor, what did Dario allow you to bring to the character Alfred you played in PHANTOM? Thusly, what if anything was he insistent upon within your portrayal? 

Dario asked me to let my beard grow for three months before we started shooting.  When I went to Budapest he saw me and thought I had a fake one, and he decided that I look better without it.  Beside that he also asked me to go  learn to use the theatrical pulleys and rope system in the theater for my first scene.  I learned this in Paris.  For the rest of the film he let me guide the character where I felt he should go..

Your character in PHANTOM dies not long after being introduced to the audience. Do you think this relatively short screen time detracts from the impression that you leave or since you have a death scene, do you feel the impression is greater? 

It doesn't matter if I didn't stay too long in the movie, because Alfred has his own moments in the film .  Usually I'm making sure that the part I have to play has a purpose, and I make sure to find that in the movie.  Of course it is better to be murdered when you work in a Dario Argento film.  My death was a good one too!


 Having worked with both Dario and Asia as directors is there anything similar in their styles? What would be the most differential between the two in terms of directing styles? 

Both of them have an incredible sense of aesthetic,... and they also know exactly what they want from an actor.  The difference is with Asia we did some improv, with Dario he knows exactly what he wants.

Now, on to you! What are you currently working on?  ,

After SCARLET DIVA I made a TV movie coming out in Italy this month, I also play a part in "Malena" Tornatore's new movie.  Miramax asked him to cut some of the film, and too bad my part is gone almost completely because it's too violent.  I play a nazis , lover of Malena.  In the movie I'm only in one scene after the cut.  I make love with her, before the people cut Malena's hair off.  I'm proud to be part of DIAPASON where I'm one of the lead characters, it's the first Italian Dogma.  Dogma 11.  The movie is coming out, next month in Italy. I also play in a French movie "Une affaire de goût" coming out in italy soon.  A big hit in France last year.  I play an Italian who lives in France.  I m going to start a new movie in Napoli in March.  There are so many directors I hope to work  with one day, I love Bertolucci and Besson, so we'll see....!

David, I want to thank you very much for your cooperation with the interview.  I will see MALENA soon!  I have heard some great things about it.  I look forward to seeing much more from you in the future!