groupbioAlthough we have been known to work independently on a wide range of projects, Theatrophy is our opportunity to come together and work in a collective environment. Working with a core ensemble allows us to bring together the best of what we've learned from our separate adventures and to foster a better working complicity that is deeper, stronger and more open to creating new and exciting theatre.

Moribund's Cast & Crew:

Moribund was Created by: THEATROPHY - UNDEAD THEATRE

Pulcinella: Aron De Casmaker*
The Prisoner: Jesse Buck*
Musicians: Andrew Butko and Nick Di Gaetano
(* Appears courtesy of Canadan Actors Equity Assocation)

Directed by: Nick Di Gaetano
Music Composed by: Aron De Casmaker and Nick Di Gaetano
Media and Sound Design: Drew Allgoewer
Stage Manager: Kelsey Davidson
Costumes: Louise Hayden
Masks: Aron De Casmaker
Lights: Mark Rieger
Properties: Dawn Wintour
Sets: Angie The Barbarian

Theatrophy's core members:

Jesse Buck*
jessebuckFor ten years, Jesse has been creating, studying and performing in the styles of Clown, Bouffon and physical theatre.  He was one of the founding members of Counternotes Theatre Group (and sat on the Artistic Board), playing in Clown, Mask, Commedia D'ell Arte, Bouffon and the Absurd. Jesse is also a veteran performer of with Ottawa's premiere outdoor theatre company, Odyssey Theatre. He has also studied extensively at the internationally renowned L'École Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France, and has trained with numerous other North American instructors.

Jesse has recently become a core member of Theatrophy, helping to create the morbid cabaret The Epoch of Coming and Going. This show was performed at The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) for the 2005 Magnetic North Festival, at the 2006 Toronto Festival of Clowns, and at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Jesse has recently returned from touring his one-man Clown show Bubkus, bringing it to the Toronto Festival of Clowns, The Ottawa Arts Court Theatre, and the New York Clown Theatre Festival .

Aron De Casmaker*
aronAron has studied extensively in the realms of clown, bouffon and masked comedy. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, the International School of Comic Acting (Italy), Ecole Philippe Gaulier (France), and holds an MFA in theatre studies from the University of Calgary where he focused on clown theatre creation. In Canada, Aron has studied with the likes of John Turner, Mark Christman and David Smuckler; abroad, with Philippe Gaulier, Antonio Fava and Linda Keer Scott.

He has taught clown-based theatre performance at various institutions such as the University of Ottawa, University of Calgary, Odyssey Theatre and the City of Ottawa as well as been invited to host a variety of independent workshops.

Aside from his work with Theatrophy through 6 full length productions, Aron has performed across the country with Meta-physical Theatre, a Company of Fools, WhyNot Theatre, Mike Kennard’s The Hollow and Odyssey Theatre.

Nick Di Gaetano
nickNick has been studying and teaching clown, bouffon and mask-based theatre since 2001 . A graduate of Ecole Philippe Gaulier (France), The International School of Comic Acting ( Italy) and the University of Ottawa, he has studied internationally with Master Teachers Antonio Fava and Philippe Gaulier, whom he also assisted. As well,  Nick has studied Canadian Clown with Sue Morrison (Toronto) , Contact Improvisation with Peter Ryan (Ottawa) and Jesko Von Den Steinen (France), Acrobatics with Nicole Kehrberger and Thomas Tzeugin (France) and various forms of dance (Renaissance, Tango and Flamenco).

In addition to his work with Theatrophy, Nick has worked across Canada and Internationally with Potato Theatre (France/UK), A Company of Fools, Odyssey Theatre, the Sears Drama Festival and the Canadian Improv Games. Nick has a great pleasure to play and is more than happy to look like an idiot.

Drew Allgoewer
Drew has worked off stage with Theatrophy since their first production and has acted as everything from a general manager to a blood bag dispenser. He currently primarily works as the groups web master, graphic artist and sound designer.

Drew has worked as a freelance designer for the past 10 years, primarily within the arts and non-profit sectors. He also currently works as a guitar maker and has studied luthierie with Sergei DeJonge and in the Ottawa Folklore Centre repair department, and audio engineering at The Audio Recording Academy.

Past participants in Theatrophy

Nick Burton
Jake Daly
Troels Hagen Findsen
Derek Hartwick
Gabrielle Houle
Alan Jeans
Elizabeth Logue
Audrey Read
Matthew Scholey
Mary Shearman
Duncan Cameron
Karl Czarny
Josiane Emond
Louise Hayden
Adam Lazarus
Mishka Lavigne
Tony Monorchio
Vincent Pilon
Holger Schoorl
Dawn Wintour

*Appearing courtesy of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association.