Houston, Texas photo gallery - Freeways, Highways and Streets

I need your help! Can someone tell me if the two abandoned bridges along State Highway 6 between Bear Creek Park and Addicks Dam still exist? I belive these were bridges built back in the 1950s when the road was still FM 1960. The most recent SH 6 construction may have destroyed them, but they might exist under the new road. If so, please let me know where they are.
Abandoned 69th Street Bridge - 1
1. Abandoned 69th Street Bridge in Houston, Texas.  The bridge no longer exists.  It was behind the barricades. 
The bridge above the barricades is the northbound bridge of Wayside Drive, which is US 90 Alternate in Houston, Texas.  The southbound bridge of US 90 A is to the left of the picture and cannot be seen.

2nd photo 69th
2. Abandoned 69th Street Bridge in Houston, Texas - another photo - this time with traffic on Wayside Drive. Before the East Loop 610 bridge was constructed, this was a much busier crossing over Buffalo Bayou.
75 sign 1
3. Hey, I thought US 75 was decommissioned!  Yes, it was, but a few of the signs are still up in Houston - this one is ... well, I'm not telling - I don't want anyone to take it down!
s 44
4/5. More US 75 signs at the secret intersection!
6. Ghost Off Ramp off SH 288 between Old Spanish Trail and Yellowstone.  Just before the overpass in the background (Yellowstone Street) is a ghost entrance ramp from nowhere.  There are ghost ramps on the other side of the freeway  as well.
Another view of the ghost ramp.
Ghost ramp - from different angle.
Yet another angle - this ghost ramp appears to have a storm drain.
As seen from atop the Old Spanish Trail Bridge - where was this ramp going to go anyway?
Not much here, but grass - this is the right-of-way for future State Highway 35.  It's currently called Spur 5 and you can just make out the service road bridges in the background.
Current end of the line for Texas Spur 5 - the service roads end at Old Spanish Trail.  Strangely enough, down near the University of Houston, there was for a short while a U.S. 36 sign in place on this road!  This was an obvious mistake.  I may have a photo at home somewhere showing the sign, but it wasn't a real good photo.  Still, it's unusual that Spur 5 is the designation, athough calling it SH 35 could be very confusing at this point.
This one is probably my favorite photo of all.  The ashphalt near the middle of this photo is all that remains of a small connecting road that led from IH 10 over to Katy Road when IH 10 did not go east of  the West Loop.  In fact, traffic came to an abrupt half and make a very sharp turn onto this road.  The overpass above is IH 610, the West Loop.  The road in the immediate foreground is one of the HOV lanes.  It covered up part of the small asphalt connecting road.  I'll never forget that weird turn.  You went from a full size freeway down to a tiny road and then to a sharp left.  It was like this for approximately five to six years.  IH 10 was extended east in 1968 and went as far as IH 45 north of downtown.  In 1972, the final section opened north of  downtown Houston and Interstate 10 was complete across town.
Before there was Interstate 10 (the Katy Freeway) there was Katy Road (and before that it was Old Katy Road).  This isn't the best quality photo, but it does show that Katy Road was a 4-lane divided highway.  Just to the right of this road is an abandoned railroad right of way.  Toward the back of this picture is where Katy Road and IH 10 merge, with an HOV ramp crossing over the freeway.  It is past this point where the freeway will be widened, making use of the abandoned RR right of way.