My Pets and Animals Memorial Page

This page will be a memorial to those pets who "died in action." Warning: the stories you about to read will be very sad. However, please see my commentary at the end of this page also. Ok, so this may seem to be a silly page - but I love animals and felt like something was needed to remember those who died needlessly or tragically. -- Marty Blaise

If you have something to add to this page, please e-mail me.

1. Unnamed Cocker Spaniel at Tacoma Narrows Bridge - many of you know the story of how in November 1940 a bridge in the state of Washington twisted apart and broke to pieces in a bizarre event of nature. But did you know that there was one fatality that day? No, it wasn't a human - it was a dog - a Cocker Spaniel dog.

I don't know the whole story but what I have heard is that a reporter was sent to cover the story that day when the bridge started swaying and attracting a lot of attention. Apparently the reporter took his little girl's pet dog out with him. Why the reporter chose to drive on the bridge is beyond me. He barely escaped death and had to crawl off the bridge as it began to sway harder.

Supposedly someone tried to crawl back out and rescue the dog but could not. When I first saw the video of the bridge crashing I thought about how many humans must have died - remember the Sunshine Bridge in Florida with its 35 deaths?

I have seen a web page where it said luckily the dog was the only fatality - luckily? How about the little girl - would you like to explain that her dog died in a bizzare (and foolish in my opinion) accident?

Now when I see that video I can't stand to look anymore - knowing that someone's beloved pet - well, I will spare the gory details - next time you see that old black and white footage with the cars being slung around on the breaking bridge, if you are like me you will have a big heartache when you remember the "one" fatality/casualty.

I have often wondered why the dog might not have survived - if it had landed in the water unharmed could it have swimmed to safety? I guess only God knows the answer. Well, this page is a tribute to that little unnamed dog. I'm sure there have been others that met their death in similar circumstances.

2. Vietnam Dogs - will write more as time allows.

3. Contributions from readers

My commentary: Have you ever watched the television show "Miracle Pets?" If there is any reason to believe that there will be animals in heaven, then that show sure makes me feel like there will be.

I know, I know, a lot of theologians will tell me - no there will be no animals in heaven. I am still going to disagree. Let's not forget that the animals were created before man and have served him in many ways - yes, even as food.

However, I believe that somehow the animals will be there in heaven - I'm not sure in what form they will be in but I just believe they will.

Anyway, this is my page. Just something I wanted to do. 1