Neil Cost

No overview of contemporary calls would be complete without a few Neil Cost calls, pictured below with a copy of Henry Davis' classic book on turkeys and turkey hunting.

Left top - cedar box/walnut lid; bottom - bald cypress box/walnut lid
Center top - wormy butternut box/walnut lid; bottom - mahogany boat paddle
Right top - cedar box/walnut lid; bottom - cedar...this call was purchased for $25.00 in 1978

The owner of these calls alternates using each of them in the field each year but tends to favor the butternut call. Mr. Cost no doubt would be pleased to know there are still a few folks out there who wisely put his calls to their intended use.

While Mr. Cost's calls currently fetch hefty prices at auction, it should also be noted that Mr. Cost originally sold his calls at typical prices for custom calls in their time. Their superior workmanship and sound, coupled no doubt with the fact that he no longers makes them, have driven collectors to pay high prices, often in the thousands of dollars, to own one, fetchy nice returns for the collector's or organizations that are willing to part with them.

A master, Cost's craftsmanship and designs have influenced many of today's finest callmakers. While these days he only makes a few calls for fund-raisers, he continues to share his knowledge about callmaking and hunting with others in a recently published book on turkey hunting and callmaking.