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  Stu THOMAS  Stu Thomas : Man of a few faces...

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Manifesto 6/6/6 : The BRASS BED is a guerilla art/music group led by Stu Thomas (aka STU D) (bassist : Dave Graney, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, The Business, Scientists etc..). Established 1997, the lineup is fluid & performances rare but sweet. Their sound comprises little guitar but plenty of Bass, Brass and other Esoterica. They continue to embark on subversive art campaigns, be it music, film, graphics or the 'Net....Just for the hell of it.


New album for THE STU THOMAS PARADOX, "Escape From Algebra", fast approaches the planet like a meteor bustin' thru different gravititional stratospheres. Each step has been an aural breakthrough.....Much like the Silver Surfer, the LP is throwing ever-decreasing orbits around the solar system. In the final mixing stage, it's shaping up in real special ways, not least of all in the sound department.....WATCH OUT....

See the BANG! website to purchase the music of STU THOMAS.
BANG! are also soon to release the new Kim Salmon & The Surrealists album, featuring Stu Thomas on bass, Phil Collings on drums and Kim Salmon on guitar/voice/samples. It's free-wheeling improvisational space jam with good ol' punk overbite.

Stu Thomas toured Europe in April/May '08 with Dave Graney & Clare Moore in support of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' European concerts. They presented their magic trio sound of 12-string, vibraphone, baritone guitar and 3 voices, laying low the countries of Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Ireland & the UK.

The music of The BRASS BED and STU THOMAS is now available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic,, Musicload,,,,,,, and other music sites thanks to the good folk at Reverberation Distribution.

View some videos of Stu Thomas, The Brass Bed and related visual wonders!!


Check out more moving pictures of Stu and/or The Brass Bed!! (plus a few other oddities...) HERE

BB 2001. Footscray gypsies. Drawing by Stu T      At 3CR live broadcast.(L-R)Stu Thomas, Tatiana Pajo, Tim Hilton, Rhys Braddock. Collingwood, Victoria.

    STUFF TO KNOW!!!  


The Brass Bed's "SUPER 8 VIDEO LP" DVD. OUT NOW!!
"DEVIL & DAUGHTER" by Stu Thomas re-released Nov '07 thru Europe by BANG! Records, Spain, as a CD Digipack & Vinyl LP.

Order these items HERE.
Check out sound & vision in the hear music! see movies! section.

L-R: Tim Hilton, Tatiana Pajo, Stu Thomas. Recording the 'Save Your Breath' LP, Atlantis Studios, Melbourne 2000.

There are brand new Brass Bed MP3 rarities in the hear music! see movies! section. Do yourself a favour.....

BRASS BED videos were aired on Rage (ABCTV) recently. "No Vacancy", "No Rest For The Wicked", "Butane" and "Pendulum" all got a showing.

If you want to see more BRASS BED videos, why don't you make your requests to RAGE, huh?
Check out The Brass Bed on youtube.

Look out for STU's vids on RAGE (ABC TV). Film clips have been created for three songs: "Resonance", "Out of Body" and "Breakdown", and are appearing in the wee, wee hours right there on yer TV set.

Check out youtube for film clips of Stu LIVE!

Del Davidson, 'Plasticus Autisticus' and Stu Thomas. Morwell, Victoria circa '95. Brass Bed pre-history...       Early days for BrassBed : Stu Thomas & Del Davidson demolish a place of worship. Shame...

The Brass Bed's last gig was brilliant. Read all about it in the Gig Diary.

Stu has become the King of the Baritone Guitar, a little-seen but instrument that is a crossover of bass & "normal" guitar. Stu is now rarely seen without his Burns Barracuda!

As used by Stu Thomas.

Stu's new solo band is THE STU THOMAS PARADOX, involving such class as gold record-holder Bill Miller (The Ferrets), Ed Miller (yes, relation) & the genius drummer Phil Collings. Going for an underground surf sound here, orbiting Iggy's "Idiot" era, but kickin' it forward a few light years in coolness. ...... More in the Gig Diary.....

If you want to catch up on the exploits of ex-Brass Bed members, check out the BedFellows section....

Brass Bed have a song called "Motherland"on the new Cumbersome Records sampler #4, called "aichmorhabdophobia". It tells the story of running a Russian chaingang, laying the first railway and dying in the process. Then, being dug up by a chaingang further down the track & your ghost being forced to continue to work (...yeh, it's a happy lil' pop ditty for the kiddies). The 'Bed played at the launch nite. More in the Gig Diary....

Did you hear?! An old flame has returned to the Brass Bed drumstool. Welcome back to Phil Collings, drummer extraordinaire...Come and see him shine at our next gigs...

BRASS BED's most recent recording sessions were truly exciting, going live to tape, with minimum mikage, like they did with the classic jazz &/or blues records. The new sounds straddle dirty & exotic, capped off with heady lyrics. Looks like a new EP may be ready real soon...

BB MK 1: (L-R)Stu Thomas, Del Davidson, Tatiana Pajo, Brian May. Live at the Punter's Club(R.I.P), Melbourne 1997.

A Brief History : The BRASS BED works from Melbourne, Australia & began life in 1997 as a brass/bass-focussed group, brain-child of Stu Thomas, supported with a floating international line-up of players. It has been home to a string of talented performers, who pursue their own passions in Australia & elsewhere....Over time, the band has gravitated from being purely song-based to performing & recording soundtracks for underground film & art events....

Where are we stylistically? Good question....Let's imagine a 50's 'Crime Scene' sound driven by a filthy lead bass. Add to the cocktail a jazz-punk/circus feel, double crossed with futuristic surf-gypsy-tango overtones & performed with a New Orleans funeral band mindset, and you're getting close....

We have a bunch of releases on Vinyl, CD & Picture Disc. You can order all of these here, and also hear bits of songs.



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