Welcome To The Offical Site Of  thecodyblakeleyproject
Hi welcome to thecodyblakeleyproject website. let me introduce myself. My name as you have probably guessed is Cody Blakeley. I'm a 21 year old male from Almonte Ontario Canada. I play the guitar bass and drums, but for the album I play all  the guitar and bass tracks. My friend Bill  "King Kong "  Dodge plays drums on the album. If you are wondering why I call him, King Kong you would understand why if you see him play drums, sometimes he looks like a monkey haha. We didn't have a singer for the album, but my friends justin and mike borrosa were at the studio. they were going to help me produce it. They had a friend down visiting them called Greg Dickie. So we asked greg if he could sing,  he said he never really sing before so I thought why not try anyways something is better then nothing right... well we go him started and he turned out to be a pretty good singer, he took some time to  get rolling but was he was on that role he just couldn't stop.
But anyways, I didn't always start off in a solo project. The first band I was in was called, Altered Perecptions. In that band I played bass on drums was Billy "King Kong " Dodge once again and James Laverty on Vocales and Guitar. I was originally on guitar, but i sucked and james was a lot better then me at the time. James was nice enough to teach me how to play bass. After I got the hang of the bass we didn't last that much longer afterwards, so I went back to playing the guitar again and got it right away. The only instrument left for me to tackel was the drums, dumb dumb dummmb. Once I started to get the hang of the drums I formed another band with Billy " King Kong Dodge  and Anthony Robillard called The WheelChair Moshers. the line up for that band was Billy on Guitar/ Vocales , Anthony Robillar on Bass and  me on drums. we had a five some demo cd with the songs : Suck , My Balls, Hurting Insinde,Chaning Eyes and Death Song. But We were together for about a year or two, Then I had to move away to London for school . I took General Arts and Science One Year.  When I was In school I decided to start writting all my own songs. I eventually came out with 10 songs all together. I just finsihed recording the cd first weekend of march at drift studios. I got all the rough demos done but i still have to go back and do all the final mixing, but when thats done the cd will be up for sale.  The cd is going to cost $8.00 a copy. The cd is going to contain 10 originals, 1 punk cover and 1 cover. the punk cover is Elvis - I Can't Help Falling In Love and the cover is Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop. The Covers won't be listed on the cd but they will be on there as hidden tracks.
The name of thecodyblakeleyproject cd is called "Resurection After Death"
and the tracks for the cd are

                                             1.My Last Breath
                                             2.Two Faced
                                             3.Soul Capture
                                             4.Unleash My Furry
                                             5.My Groupies
                                             6.On My Mind
                                             7.There's No Point
                                             8.Moving Out
                                            10.Look Into My Eyes

                                             Hidden Tracks

                      Elvis - Can't Help Falling In Love ( Punk Cover)
                                Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop ( Cover )
If you would like to veiw demos for this cd you can do it at.


or if you want to order the cd you can add me to msn my email addy is

somethings_never_fall@hotmail.com or just email me if you if you don't have msn.